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Some Memories Never Fade

September 2016

'Professional' cameras at licensed events

Last weekend I went to a UCMMA match, which was being staged in London. Living in Brighton, the group of friends I went with had decided to make a day of it. We were all excited going to see a friend fight that evening, leaving Sussex at 11:30 in the scorching heat. I thought twice about taking the 5D because of the heat, with record temperatures set to be hit that day. In the vain hopes that I would get a couple of good shots at some point of the group and maybe some arty ones of London at a push I decided to persevere. blogEntryTopper Read More…

A week in competitions

Is it worth entering the little competitions?

Since I started taking photographs I have been looking at competitions in magazines online and in local newspapers.  I was told very early on that the more competitions you entered the better. Your name and work will be seen by those in charge of magazines. Although I was warned that you would sometimes enter and not receive any acknowledgement or any feedback whatsoever but that I should not take this to heart and carry on submitting my work.
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